Cave, adventures

The cave opens up right after you finish the tutorial.
Here, you can play through the main storyline of the game. You can learn a lot of things about the argum, the Visit, the aliens. You can familiarize yourself with the city's celebrities and leading companies, and most importantly, participate in exciting adventures. Many of these dangerous ventures include an armed conflict: you faithful employees escort and protect you there, so you won't be alone!
Adventures consist of a series of trials. If you complete all these, you completed the adventure, and can progress to the next. You can complete each story adventure only once! Whenever you advance a level, you chapters become available. If you completed all these, you have to wait until the next level for the story to continue. But meanwhile, you can do repeatable adventures.

adventurepoint.pngVenturing on an adventure costs adventure poin(s) (see the upper right corner of the adventure). Your people get experience for completing the adventure. They also get loyalty points which increases their loyalty level.
You get adventure points each day during your first login.

Adventure trials

An adventure can have the following trial types:


Your employees fight a battle. Those who mediate in the fountain cannot participate! You get reward only at the end of the adventure. So it doesn't matter if there is one or more battle in an adventure (or no battle at all), you employees get the same amount of experience.
If you lose a battle, you can retry it by spending an adventure point or argum. There are some adventures where your employees do not heal between battles!


Resource test
You have to spend some of the 4 basic resources. These trials are pretty common in adventures, so it is advised to join one when you have some of all four resources. If you are still required one which you don't have enough, you can wait until your company earns you enough (you still need to refresh the page when you have enough), or you can just quit the adventure and retry it later (but in this case you lost the adventure point).


Skill test
We roll 2 dices, and add their values to your corresponding skill. This total have to exceed the trials' task level. Before rolling, you can spend hero points which are added to your total, and increase your chance of success. During skill tests, even your passive skills are taken into account, so it is a good idea to improve even passive skills a bit. You get hero points for adventures, also you get some with the daily login reward.
If you roll a very small number with the dices, your luck increases, if a big number, it decreases to balance out your karma.
Luck test works the same way as skill tests, just we use your luck for the test base instead of a skill.
If a skill test fails, you can retry it for an argum or an adventure point.


Knowledge test
You have to answer correctly a quiz question. If your answer is wrong, you can retry by spending research points.


Friend help
If you get such a task, you can ask help from a friend on the chat channel, and he/she just have to click on the "XY asks for help" sentence on the channel to help you. If no one helps you, you can retry a minute later, or you can just use an argum or an adventure point. If a friend helps you, your friendship level increases!


Item test
In these you have to hand over one or more items which you can buy in a shop (gueshouse, workshop, kennel etc). Items which your employee has equipped you can't give over, only items which are idle, in your inventory! If you fail here you have no other chance but give it up, buy the item in the shop, and restart. If you are a premium member, adventures requiring items will have a ! mark next to them. You can click on these marks, and get information about the required item for research points.


Repeatable adventures

Unlike story adventures, these you can do repeated times. Their main goal is to let you spend you adventure points even when you don't have story adventure.
With premium membership you can spend 3 adventure points at once on a repeatable adventure, and you will get triple reward and XP at the end.

Player adventures

At higher levels, you will be able to create your own adventures, and play adventures written by other players!

Each adventure has a prerequisite. You get it only when these prerequisites are met.
The story adventures you get in order, the prerequisite of each is completing the previous one.
The prerequisite of repeatable adventures is a story adventure. Usually for a level N repeatable adventure a level N story adventure.
Some higher level story adventures prerequisite is doing a specific earlier repeatable adventure a number of times (usually 3..7 times)
Although there is no maximum to how much adventure points you can, you will stop getting more with the daily login if you have 100 (150, if you are a premium member). After you reach this limit, you can get adventure points only from daily offers, auction, guild buldings, quests etc.

Calculating adventure XP reward:

Each adventure awards a base XP, which depends from the adventures level. This is modified by the Book of experience artifact and the "adventure experience" skill bonus, and at the end it is multiplied by 3 if you are premium and did a repeatable quest (for 3 adventure points).
This is the number displayed in the reward box. If any of your employees get bonus XP (like for being low level and getting "catch up" bonus) it is displayed on the chat.

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