Employee battle

Employee battle

In this battle the maximum of 3 employees can participate, who are earlier organized into a team in your Guest house. Those, who are meditating at the fountain cannot fight, except as a defender in the Weekly championship.

Battle is divided into rounds. At the beginning of each round you can choose which skills to use. Each employee has one specific combat skill (you could see it while recruiting and later at the bottom of their character sheet), 2 skills given by their weapon and another 2 which is the same for each employees: aimed shot and defensive shot. The description of the skills can be seen in a window, when you take the cursor to the icon, or at the phone app, when you tap the "?" (help) button behind the abilities.

Some skills has a refresh time, e.g. the number of rounds you needed before you can use it again. Other skills, like for example the 2 basic skills can be used every round.
At the beginning of the rounds the computer gives you a randomized attack order, which can be seen at the top of the screen. When choosing skills, the attack order may be a relevant information. Opponents are controlled by the program, it chooses their skills.

There are two kind of weapon damage in the game: kinetic (k-attack) and energy (e-attack). The damage dealt by k-attack can be lowered by k-defense, the damage dealt by e-attack, can be lowered by e-defense. So if you know that your opponent has a much higher defense on one type, it is better use the other kind of attack, or if they have a specific kind of weapon, you should prepare with the appropriate defense.

Some skills affect 1 target, others more targets, some are healing, others modify the damage of yours or the opposing team. Most skills target a random opponent, however there are some which gives a better chance to be a target.
The description of the skill specifies a percentage modification of the character's damage. For example if the description says 120% and dhe damage of the employee is 100, she will deal 120 damage (but the defense of the opponent will lower it and there is a random spread, too.)

If an employee is wounded, his life points will decrease and if it reaches 0, he will pass out. Employees can be healed till they are conscious, by the help of healing skills. The base of the calculation is not the damage rate, but the average of the k-defense and the e-defense. For example, if an employee heals 200% with the values of e-defense 60 and k-defense 80, it will heal 70 X 200% = 140 points.

Some damages (like the flame of the flamethrower or the poison of a spider) deal damage for more than one round after the hit. These kind of damages or debuffs decreasing the damage can be removed by the help of some abilities.

If each fighter of a team is unconscious, the team loses. A battle can continue for the maximum of 15 rounds, then it ends immediately, and the computer will calculate the winner if necessary.

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