Mutated pet

If someone loses his interest in his pet, the animal often ends up in the sewers. From the reaction of argum and different chemical wastes terrible mutations may come into life. If this happens, the pet grows to gigantic size and starts rampaging when it reaches the surface. Citizens like you must stop them!

You can joint the mutated pet battle, if you click on the monster head at the bottom of the screen and you are at least level 6. The battle starts at predetermined times, at the beta test the start was at 7, 13 and 21 hours, however the times are subject to change: the actual schedule can be see in the help of the mutated pet. The arrival of a mutated pet is announced at the chat in a green coloured text. After the announced time you have 5 minutes to enter into the battle lounge. When the battle starts, the attack button becomes clickable.

When you fight the mutated pet, it is worth to deal the biggest damage, the animal is immune to stun. If your team is out of battle, you have to wait 25 seconds until you can attack again. On the left hand screen you can see the total damage of each participants.

At the end of battle the participants receive credits, skill points and argum ducats depending on their damage dealt. The player who deals the killing blow, also gets 10 hero points. The amount of the credit reward is affected by the level of the character, too!

If the mutated pet is not defeated in half an hour, the battle is counted as a failure and nobody gets any reward. The life point of the mutated pet is based on the number and power of the participants, however it has a minimum value.

A player can participate in only one successful mutated pet battle every day. Those employees, who are meditating at the fountain cannot go to fight, so it is better to call them back into the team before the battle starts!

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