City arena

Your employee team (set in the Guest house) can fight in the city arena. At the beginning of the game, you have two possibilities: Monster arena and Weekly championship. In the Monster arena you must overcome program-controlled, more and more powerful opponents, in the Weekly championship, the opponents are other players. We introduce the course of battle as follows:


Monster arena

In the monster arena you can fight more and more powerful opponents while going up the ranking ladder. Do not forget to check the data sheet of the opponents, by clicking on it or the fighter's head at the top of the screen. If you see a really high k-defense, you may change strategy at the next try.

You have 5 tries each day. You will get a reward every day depending on the number of defeated opponents. This reward is metanium and platinum and can be taken on this page or at the first login on the daily rewards screen. So after you overcome for example 5 program-controlled opponents, you will get 4 metanium and 1 platinum, even if you never fight again in the Monster arena.

If you want to attack a defeated opponent again, you can do that, but your employees will not get any more experience points for the fight.


Employee weekly championship

The system is similar to the robot weekly championship. Your points always start at 90 at the beginning of the week. If you defeat an opponent with the same or lesser point value than yours, you will receive 1 point, if you defeat someone with more points, you will get 2 points. If you attack and lose, your points are not decreasing. If you are attacked and win, you will not get points, but if you lose, 1 point is deducted from your sum. If you are first and have at least 6 more points than the second player, you will not get any more points (over 100 points).

You have 10 attack options each day (shown in the top right corner).For weekly championship the employees do not get experience points (unlike the robots in the arena), the reward is only metanium or platinum for the victory and also some dexlings, which can be used for developing employee abilities. You also have the ability to buy an extra 5 try each day for argum.
You can refresh the page for energy. Using this option, if your opponents are chosen from a wider pool, you can receive new opponents. Until your points are under 100, the two opponents under you are usually computer generated and you can easily overcome them.

If you click on the arrows beside the ranking, you can change the screen to see the attack history or the rewards screen with the possible next week rewards for the different places in the championship.
The announcement of results is always on Sunday midnight. At this time every results are resetted to 90, and the rewards can be acquired here or at the daily rewards, when you log in.

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