Guest house

This is the home of your employees. Developing employees and using them in combat is the most complex part of the game, so do not worry if you do not understand anything at first.



You can get employees by the help of the recruit tab. At first you have no employees at all, so you must hire them here. You can always choose one of four. There is an important characteristic of them: their level of loyalty. The loyalty of most employees is at level 1 (white named), but in a lucky case you may also recruit a loyalty level 2 (green) or 3 (turqoise) employee. The loyalty level can be increased later, so do not be disappointed, if you can hire only white employees. There is an update icon in the lower left corner. At the beginning of the game you can use it immediately, if you are not satisfied with the 4 people you can interview. After some time you can press this button again, or immediately if you spend some argum (if you use this option, you have a higher chance to get employees of higher loyalty level). However it costs more credits to recruit more loyal employees!

Each employees have a fighting and a miscellaneous skill. The miscellaneous skill increases your skill of the same name. It is better to choose those who can increase your actively used skills. Important notice: when you recruit, only employees with skills available for you will apply for the job. If you want to get an employee bonus for later acquired skills, you must hire a new employee or you must exchange a skill of an existing employee.

Fighting skills are used in battle. Each fighting skills have a benefit: some can heal, others can damage more opponents at a time or modifies the damage of your team or the enemy.

At a higher level, you can also change the skills of your employees, but it is still better to choose one, which seems to be useful.


Here you can find the list of your employees and you can also them at the same place. First you may hire 4 employees, but you can buy more slots for argum. At the beginning of the game you need only 3 employees, because a team consists of 3 persons. Later you may need to recruit more for the guild war, or for an alternative strategy.

Employee characteristics


Your employees have the following characteristics:

1. Employee level
The level of your employee can be seen to the right of the picture, in the rhombus. The experience points needed to the next level are shown on the bar under the rhombus. Your employees receive experience points mostly for completing adventures. The number (or existence) of fight in the adventure is not important, the employees will receive XP for sure. Moreover they can get a smaller amount of XP for meditation at the fountain or using experience books. If you have a usable XP book, it will be shown next to the experience bar.
When the level of your employee is increased, he or she will receive skill points for development. Moreover employees cannot use higher level equipment than their own level.

2. Employee loyalty
The loyalty of an employee is shown by the color of the name:

Level Color Nevessary loyalty points
Level 1 white 0 loyalty point
Level 2 green 5*10 loyalty points
Level 3 turquoise 5*30 loyalty points
Level 4 blue 5*60 loyalty points
Level 5 purple 5*180 loyalty points
Level 6 yellow 5*360 loyalty points
Level 7 orange 5*600 loyalty points
Level 8 pink 5*1000 loyalty points
Level 9 red 5*2000 loyalty points

Loyalty can be developed by the help of loyalty points, you mainly get for completing adventures. The loyalty bar can be see under and to the right of the experience bar. You can increase loyalty and send the available points one by one if you click the green + sign or more at a time if you click the blue + sign. There are 5 stages of increasing a loyalty level, this is indicated with stars under the name of the employee. By using the blue + sign, you will spend as much loyalty points (if you have the amount) as needed to get a whole star.
When the loyalty level of an employee is increased, he or she will get more skill points at level up. But do not worry, if you increase the loyalty of a high level employee you will receive the extra points for the previous levels.

3. Ability points
On the lower side of the screen you can see the abilities of the employees. To the left side you can see those, which can be increased by ability points and to the right those which can be increased by equipment only.
You can increase the abilities by clicking the green + icon, if you have enough ability points. When the ability value is higher, the cost will also be higher. At the beginning it is only 1 point, later 2, 3 and even more.
The first number is always the value increased by the ability points, the number in parenthesis is the value increased by equipment.
You can find the description of the abilities at the combat abilities.
You can redistribute the points for argum.

4. Employee combat rating
You can find this value under the portrait of the employee: this number is calculated from the combat abilities and used for comparison.

5. Employee skills
At the bottom of the screen you can see the two skills already shown when you recruited the employee. The miscillaneous skill is to the left: this is just added to your skill of the same name at the skill screen, you can see it as a yellow number. If it is shown as inactive, then you activated another skill at the corresponding level (however it will be still counted in the adventure skill tests.)
You get this skill bonus even if your employee is not a member of the fighting team!
When you click this button, the skill development panel will pop up. Miscellaneous skills can be developed first for a level 3 employee and this costs dexling kerül. You can get dexling mostly for fighting in the city arena.
When you have a skill of at least level 5, you can exchange it to a randomly chosen other skill. When the level is higher, you have a bigger selection of skills.
To the right is the fighting skill. You can also develop this, but only at level 11 and 21 of the employee and the cost is dexling. Currently there is no possiblity to change the fighting skill of your employee.

Basic skills

Skill name Description
robot head Increases the effectiveness of the head weapon of your robot
technical sense Increases the energy produced by your company
research Descreases the research time
science Increases the research points income of your company
Pet loyalty Increases the pet loyalty received for special food
productivity Increases the credit income produced by your company
persuasivness Increases the Zen income of your company
carpet-bagger You receive more luck points for unlucky events
loyalty You have a higher chance to recover a part of the loyalty points spent
fitness You have less chance to become sick
robot head shield Increases the defense of the robot head weapon
robot arm Increases the effectiveness of the arm weapon of your robot
heroism Increases the hero point amount received for completing adventures.

Attention: If you have 2 or more employees of the same skill, only the bigger skill is counted. Therefore it is no use of recruiting two employees, who makes your production of the same resource higher.

Combat skills

level 2: 450 dexlings
level 3: 1500 dexlings

Skill name level 1 level 2 level 3
adrenalin injection Each friend receives 25% healing for 3 rounds 28% 31%
battle cry 130% damage to 1 target, removes 1 debuff from each friend and 1 buff rom each opponent 140% 150%
forward! 180% damage to 1 target, +30% sebződés for 1 extra round 190%
first aid 180% healing for the friend with the lower HP 200% 220%
smoke grenade 80% damage to 1 target and -30% damage for 3 rounds
quick shot 60% damage to all target 63%
field hospital 100% healing for all friends, user is stunned 110% 120%
stun grenade 30% damage to all targets and they deal -20% damage for 2 rounds 35% damage 40% damage
inspiration +30% damage to each friends and they are healing 30% immediately healing 40% healing 50%
self-sacrifice The friend with the lowest HP is healing 330%-ot, the user receives 100% damage healing 350%
provoke 50% damage to each target, user will be the target with 70% chance for 3 rounds 54% damage
charge 140% damage to 1 opponent, +20% damage for 2 rounds 150%
taunt user becomes the target with 100% chance for 1 round, -50% damage for 2 rounds for 2 rounds, -55% damage
enrage 160% damage to 1 target, user will lose all buffs 170% 180%
retreat 120% damage to 1 opponent, -30% damage for 2 rounds 130% 140%

6. Assigned pet
In the kennel you may assign a pet to an employee, its icon can be seen to the right of the portrait. This is only important if the pet is at least level 10, because in that case it can increase some combat statistics of the employees.

7. Dismissal
There is a dismiss button on the top right corner of this screen. We do no advise to dismiss a higher level employee, because all the development you completed will be lost! Only the dismissal of a lower level employee may be understandable, if he or she didn't live up to expectations. Remember, at the bottom of the left column you can buy a new employee slot, if you want!
At dismissal, the equipment the employee wears will be returned to your inventory.


Guest house shop

As at the other game feature, you can also find a shop here, where you can buy equipment for your employees. First you have to research the new items before you can buy them. The list of available items depend on the level of the guest house, which can be increased in the Mansion.
Common items have a white name - they cost only credits. Uncommon (green) and rare (blue) items also have a cost of argum, but they are usually stronger than the other items of similar level, and they can be even advanced to a higher degree.
Important notice: The level of your guest house may be higher than the level of your highest level employee. In this case the strongest item you may research can not be used by anyone. That's why it is not worth to develop your guest house to a higher level than the level of your most powerful employee (but you definitely worth to reach the same level).
You can buy more pieces of the same item, if you want to give them to more than one employee. Important: you have an option to develop the items or give chips to them. If you have more pieces of the same items, you must make the same development or add the same chip to them. If you already have an item, but you want to buy more of the same in the shop, after paying the credit price, you will immediately need the development metal and/or the chip!
When you are completing adventures, you may have to turn in some items available at the shop of the guest house. You can never turn in an item in the inventory of an employee!



On this screen you can give to your employees the equipment bought in the shop to your employees. An employee can never use a higher level item than his or her own level!
You can also develop your items here, if you click on the development button at the lower left side item panel.A tárgyaidat itt tudod fejleszteni, a bal alsó tárgypanelen, a fejlesztés gombra kattintva. You can upgrade your item to +1 or +2 by spending metanium - in this case the main statistic of the item will be increased. Green items can be increased up to +4, however in this case you will need platinum, and blue items can be increased to +6, but to the last 2 levels you need karemium. Metanium and platinum are rewards for fighting in the city arena. Moreover you can exchange 5 metanium to 1 platinum and 5 platinum to 1 karemium.
If you have more items of the same kind, you will always develop each of them at the same time, however the metal cost will be multiplied by the number of pieces. So before development, please check well that you have only the necessary amount of the item!
You can sell your items here, but only a part of the credit cost will be refunded, argums and the metals used for development are lost.
You can find a chip button next to development. When you click it, the chip panel pops up, and the right hand inventory will change into a chip list. You can produce chips in the mine, after the Production button appeared. Before you start the production of a chip, first check if it fits into the item, you want to insert it.
In case of chips it is also important, that you can insert only the same type of chips into the same kind of items. For example if you have 3 pieces of AK-47, and you want to insert a level 2 attack chip into them, you need 3 pcs of these chips.
However you can take out and exchange chips to another type any time. You can even take out a chip and use it up to produce a higher level chip, then insert it back into the item.
The level of the chip determines the maximum level of the item, you can insert it. Low level items cannot be equipped with high level chips.



On this screen you can choose the maximum of 3 employees, who are part of the active fighting team. You can choose only those employees, (double click or drag&drop), who are armed.
The members of the team can also meditate at the fountain, but at least one member must always stay alert.
Guild war has an own, unique team selection screen.

Employee abilities, critical, blocking functions.

The critical of employees has 3 functions: it increases the chance of your critical hit, it decreases the chance of the opponent's critical hit and it increases the critical damage.

This chance converges to 80%-hoz, and can never reach 100%. So if the critical of your opponent is 0, it is irrelevant if your critical is 1000 or 1100, the chance is the same. But if the critical of your opponent is 1000, then you will have a better chance at 1100, than at 1000.
Critical damage is a multiplier which will multiply the damage dealt. This is at least 50%, but at a higher critical it is more (converges to 80%). The critical damage multiplier is not affected by the critical of the opponent.

Block is similar to critical, however it is not increasing the damage dealt, but lowers it. The chance is calculated similarly, however the chance of succesful block is not decreased by the block, but the penetrate value of the opponent. Successful block lowers the damage by 25%.

When the attacker has a successful critical hit and the defender also has a successful block, the two effects cancel each other, so a normal damage is dealt.

Attack and defense

You have an attack of 100, the opponent has defense of 50. Your damage is 200% (basic) and for 2 more rounds have an additional 35% (DoT: Damage over Time). In this case damage will be as follows:

  • basic: 2 x (100 - 50) = 100 (+- 15% spread, critical, block, damage increase and decrease effects of weapons and combat abilities)
  • DoT: (100 - 50) x 0.35 = 17.5 (no spread, it is not modified by critical, block or abilities)
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