The mine opens on your estate when you progress with adventures to the "Opening the mine" episode. You can mine argum ores there, these are bagalite, paralite és magnolite. You can make chips from these special ores, which can be used to augment your employee equipment.

You have to open the mine first. This cost 3000 kredit. After you exploited the mine, you can open a new mine, but it will cost significantly more.

Mire prices

# Kredit
1. 3.000
2. 30.000
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. ?
11. ?
12. ?
13. ?
14. ?
15. ?
16. ?
17. 840.000
18. 870.000
19. 900.000

During mining, first you have to examine the squares (this costs research points), then you can start the exploitation (this costs energy and kredit). When you open the mine, you can examine only the top middle square. But later on, you can continue with any one which is adjancent to exactly one exploited square. Soil examination shows which of the 3 different ores has the most there, and how rich is the vein.

As a beginner miner, you will find mostly debris only instead of argum ores. The only thing you can do with debris is to sell it for kredit. While mining, your pickaxes are losing their edge. When in poor condition, it is advised to buy new ones, since exploitation goes slower with poor equipment.

Be careful, if you dig too deep, you can awaken something that you shouldn't, and you can meet similar fate as the dwarves of Moria!



Similar to robots, the mine has 6 abilities too you can upgrade by spending energy. The rule is the same, the upgrade cost for the 2 highest abilities is normal, the next two cost double, the lowest two cost four times more. So at higher levels, you have to decide what's your preference. If you want to max out everything, that costs too much energy. Mine abilities level can't exceed the level of the mine.
The information to the left of the development panel:

Salary of miners
You pay this only when they work. Clicking on the exploited square you can see that teams salary, next to the energy cost. This value depends on the number of miners, and their efficiency.

These is a chance that at the beginning of an exploitation a catastrophe happens. In this case, production is halved, and to cover the damages you need to spend a lot of kredits. Chance of catastrophe depends on 3 factors: mine efficiency, depth of mine (these increase the chance) and the safety (this decreases it).

If you assign focus to an argum ore, then whenever you would find ore, the chance that you find the focused one will increase. There is another factor which modifies which ore you find: what is the square's vein type.

Pickaxe factory
You can buy here a new pickaxe here, like on the main mining screen. By spending some kredits, your pickaxes will be new and shiny again.

Mine abilities

You can upgeade the following mine abilities:


Each level increases the number of your miners by 10. On a given square, a maximum of 100 miners can work. So if your ability is increased to 11, and you will have 110 miners, they can work on 2 squares at the same time, only 10 working on the second square. If you upgrade this ability, the new miners will immediately join the work. The number of miners decrease the time required to fully exploit a square.


Ground testing
Ground tesing determines the amount of ore exploitable from a given square. If you upgrade it, it effectively increases the time to exploit as well. So you need to check on your mine less often and you can save resources spent on buying new mine and ground testing.


Efficieny increases the speed of exploitation. You can reach the same goal by increasing the number of miners. But while only 100 miners can work on a given square, efficiency can accelerate the process without limit. But more efficient exploitaton is more expensive and riskier as well. Mining will cost more, and chance of catastrophe increases.


Increases safety of mine, decreases the chance of catastrophe.


Increases the chance of finding argum ores instead of debris.


Pickaxe factory
Increases the amximum strength of your pickaxes. The deeper you deep, the faster your pickaxes lose their edge, meaning decrease in efficiency. If you have stronger picaxes, it takes a lot more time until they begin to deteriorate.



Boost is a game of logic and skill. If you play it, your mine's production increases by a percentage equal to the level of your boost. The game has 4 difficulty levels, first time only the beginner is available.

If you play it from PC, use the arrow keys. On mobile, use the controller on the screen. The game are has gems, rocks, earth and unbreakable stone. Your taks is to collect all gems from each level. You can dig through earth, but the rocks you can push only sideways, if there is nothing on the other side. Rocks and gems can fall if there is nothing below them, or there is a rock or gem below them which has nothing next to it. But if you dig under them, they dont fall until you move. If a rock or gem falls on you, the gem ends. The goal of the game is collect all gems and reach the exit.
If you get stuck, you can concede the game with the red X in the top right corner.

You can try a maximum of 5 times per day, but you can buy for argum 5 more tries. Depending on how difficult level you solve and how fast, you can get ranking points, and experience for your boost. You get some points for failure too, and it activates the boost as well. If you try it multiple times, and get a better score, we add for you the difference. The daily scores are summarized, and the best ones get reward at the end of each week. You can review ranking rewards by clicking on ranking.
The first try gives the most points, every later one rewards less.



The production panel is not available when you open your mine. It opens up only at a later level (12). You can make chips on the producton panel, and you can use these to augment your employee equipment. You use for the production the 3 different ores from the mine, and also you need some energy.

Like in every other shop in the game, you have to research the chips before you can make them. There are chips for each combat stats, k-attack, k-defense, stun etc. After the research is completed, you can click on the chip to see in which item you can insert it.

Each chip have several levels. Higher level chips appear for research when you increase your mine level. Production requires 1-3 type of the argum ore. You can specify how many chips you want to make and of what level. The production is immediate, there is no waiting time. The chip panel has an (I) info button, clicking it you can review your inventory of your current chips.

During production you can use chip of identical type of lower levels. Two level 3 chip can make a level 4 without using additional ores. This way you can use your obsolete chips. Selling or disassembling chips is not possible.

Weapon Belt Armor Boots Helm Wrist Hands Misc Bagalite bagalite.png Magnolite magnolite.png Paralite paralite.png
k-attack chip X X 4 2
stun chip X X 3 3
k-defense chip X X X X 4
e-defense chip X X X X 4
stun resist chip X X X X 1 1
block chip X X X X 1 1 1
e-attack chip X X 2 4
penetrate chip X X X X 2 1
critical chip X X X X 1 2

The chips you made you can use in the guesthouse, on the Equipment page. Click an item. On the top of its information panel there will be 3 buttons, the middle one is Chips. Selecting this, you can insert chips into the item, or remove them. On right, you will see the list of available chips. Some chips can be inserted only in specific items. If you have several identical items, you have to insert the same chip into each! So if you have 3 Ak-47, and want to insert a level 2 k-attack chip, then you will need 3 of those. And if you buy a 4th AK-47, you need a chip right when you purchase the weapon. Don't forget, you can remove chips from your items for free, and you can use them to make identical type, higher level chips!


In the 3 bottom line of the mine (grey rocks), there is 10% chance to meet a Balrog.
The Balrog's level is the mine's level +5.
Sometimes it's e-attack, sometimes it's k-attack, so it's advised to use a misc. team before you start exploiting this part of your mine.
When you kill it, you get ores and a Balrog horn, used for buying purple equipment.

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