The primary screen of the game shows your estate.

1. Portrait of your character. If you click here, you can see the specifics of your character, you can change your appearance and clothes. You can develop your skills and set your daily schedule here.
1a. If you click the premium button beside the portrait, you can buy premium membership.
1b. Level and basic abilities of your character.
2. Quests. You can see your actual quests here.
3. Resources. The 4 primary resource of the game are creditsikon01.png, energy ikon03.png, zen ikon02.png and research points ikon04.png. These are produced by your company. You can also see here the amount of argum and burnt-out argum you have.
4. Kennel. This is the home of your pets, here you can take care of them and set their appearance.
5. Garden. Available from level 7. You can grow useful vegetables in the garden.
6. Fountain. Available from level 5. The non-fighting employees can meditate here to collect experience points.
7. Mansion. You can develop the buildings of your estate here.
8. Mine. It is available after completing some adventures. From the minerals you find here, you can make advancement chips for your equipment.
9. Garage. Available from level 10. You can buy cool cars, then advance and race them.
10. Workshop. The place to develop battlemechs.
11. Guest house. Available from level 4. The home of your employees, you can develop and equip them here. You can also assign your fighting team here.
12. Cave. It is available, when you have an employee who is able to fight. You can complete adventures in the cave and these adventures give you a narration of the main story of the game.
13. Chat window. You can chat other players, set friends and send private messages here. You can also see the events of your company and character here.

Buttons over the frame

14. Settings. Change password, exit, enter with another character, enter forum.
15. Argum. Buy argum.
16. Auction. When the auction house is open, you can bid here.
17. Guild. Change to the Guild screen.
18. Company. You produce the 4 main resources of the game here (shown at the upper right corner).
19. Mutated pet. It attacks the city from time to time, you can subdue it with other players for rewards. It arrives three times every day.
20. Beauty contest. Entrance and voting for pet and character beauty contests.
21. Mini-games. You can play the mini-games here.
22. Pet building contest. You compete with other players to set the picture of a special pet in a given time. It opens every 4 hours.
23. Robot arena. Your robot can fight here with the robots of other players and computer controlled robots of increasing efficiency.
24. City arena. Your employees can fight here with monsters and the teams of other players.
25. Daily routine. News, daily rewards and quests, daily offers.
26. Events. Everything happened to you and your friends.
27. Goals and collections. Goals and tasks available in the game, your scores and your different collections.
28. Spying. Visit the estates of other players.
29. Friends. Set and delete friends, look at the information about them, sending gifts.

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