Garage opens up at level 10. Here you can buy cool cars and go to car races with them. There are 3 buttons at the upper left corner. At the car icon, you can find the acquired cars. The credit button shows you the cars you researched but still not bought. The research button takes you to the researchable cars.

It is one car in the Garage at level 1, then you get one more at level 4, 8 and 11, then every 3rd level again. As you are already at level 10, when you have this building, you can advance your garage up to level 8 relatively easily.

A car has 6 abilities. Each ability has a base value, which can be upgraded with stars. The first 2 stars cost only energy, but if you want more, you need more and more accelerators. Accelerators can be acquired by racing.

The 6 abilities are as follows:

carspeed.png Speed
This is the maximum speed your car can reach.

Shows how fast your car is able to reach the maximum speed.

Cars with weak roadability may slide, it is harder to hold them on the road.

You can use turbo only once in a race. It will temporarily increase the maximum speed (and if it has not been at maximum speed yet, also increases the acceleration). If you increase the turbo, the time of the effect will be longer. You can also get an item called superturbo in the game, which makes it possible to use the turbo a second (maybe even a third) time, but it will be used up in the process.

The bigger it is, the more damage can your car absorb before it breaks down.

This is a special ability, you can't increase for energy or accelerator, but when you complete a course in the given time as a winner of the first place. Early cars can get this advancement only for their first completed course, but later cars may get 1-1 points at more than one course.

When you increase the abilities of a car, it will be more efficient in races, on the other hand, you will also receive success points. Above the car abilities cups are marking the success points obtainable for the car. When all car abilities reach their maximum, then you will receive all success points for it. Success points can be spent at the collections, to further advance your relics.

Between the car picture and the abilities you can see the accelerator items. There is 1-1 accelerator for the first five abilities - you will get a random one at each daily races, but you can acquire them for rankings and you can also buy them in the shop. Each accelerator can be used to upgrade the corresponding ability, if it has at least 2 stars.

At the top of the screen, left to the car name you can see its strength (DR, as drive rating). This is a comparative number calculated from the abilities of the car, which shows you how strong is this car in comparison with others. In the upper right corner you can mark your favourite car. When your friends look at your character sheet, they will see this car.


At the beginning you can race only one course, but later new courses may open, as you increase the level of your garage. Car race can be controlled by your keyboard on PC (turbo is activated by pressing space), or with the control buttons and touching turbo if you use a phone. If you can reach the finish line, you are surely rewarded, but if you reach it earlier, maybe even in the given time limit, there will be more rewards. You have 3 tries daily and for a better result you will get the difference between the rewards.


We summarise your daily results on a list and we announce the results weekly. At the rewards tab you can see the available rewards and you can receive them at the daily rewards screen.

Garage shop

Garage shop is similar to the character shop. You can buy only one item daily, but if you do not use this possibility on a given day they cumulate up to 10 and you can use it up later.

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