In the game you can raise cute pets created by the help of argum mutation. You will receive your first pet in the tutorial (or at your first visit of the kennel if you skipped the tutorial). You will find it and your further pets in the kennel, you feed, dress and develop them here.
Initially there are 3 buttons in the kennel: Feeding, Dressing and Shop, but later a Research, an assignment and a Fusion button will also appear. You can advance the level of your kennel in the mansion, up to the level of your character. As the level of the kennel is increasing, new pets can be developed in here.


Kennel shop

When you are in the kennel, first you should visit the shop! You can research and buy/prepare the food and toys for your pets. Each food and toy have a level: the maximum level you may research and buy is equal to your highest level pets'. To optimalize the development of your pet it is advised to give the pet food and toys befitted to their level!
In the top line of the shop you can see the special components you have (flavour, vitamin etc). These can be acquired by participating and voting in the cutest pet contest and at the pet building contest. By the help of these you can prepare special dishes for your pets, which will not only satisfy their hunger, but increase their loyalty, too.



You can give food and toys to your pets here. Food increases the pet's satiety, and you can feed the pet only only if its satiety is 80% or less. The pet will also get experience points when eating. When its level is increased, it can eat better food and play with more intriguing toys. Special food may also increase the loyalty of your pet. If the pet gets enough of these food, its loyalty is increased, becomes green, turqoise, blue, etc. More loyal pets are more useful helpers in battle. You can also increase the loyalty of the pet directly by specific items (like the loyalty token) And there is another item, used by the crueler animal raisers, the metaboliser. This makes your pet hungrier, so you can give it more food and it will advance faster.
Toys are increasing the happiness of the pet. Only the special toys (green, blue, purple and orange) give you experience points, others do not. If your pet is unhappy, it will give less (or none) experience points to the employee it is assigned to and its graphics will be greyer at the pet beauty contest.
The happiness of the pet can be also increased by playing minigames Minigames, that can be reached by clicking the top right corner of this screen, and playing a minigame will increase the happiness of each of your pets by 10%.
If you are a premium member, the maximum satiety and happiness of your pets is 110% and you can give them food and toys until they reach 90%.
You can buy an automatic feeding and toy giving possibility for argum. You must buy it only once for a pet and it will use the appointed items if they are needed (however it will not buy them automatically, so you must fill up the supplies in time). If you make a fusion of your pets, the automatic feeding will be transferred to the new pet. You must notice though, that at the fusion of two automatically feeded pet, one automatic feed will be lost.



You can change the appearance of your pet at the dressing panel. Your first pet have more of each components, however for the next pets, you have to research these at the research panel. If you click the picture of your pet in the middle of the screen, the yellow borderline will disappear, and you can choose from all the researched components, not only the pet's own ones!
The appearance of your pet is important only at the pet beauty contest, if it is cool enough, more player will vote for it!
When your pet reaches level 10, some of its accessories will give you combat statistics. If you assign your pet to an employee the combat abilities of the pet will be added to those of the employee.
The maximum bonus a pet can give is the level of the pet or the employee - which one is lower. For example for a level 12 pet of a level 14 employee when the pet has a +10 K attack mouth and a +10 K defense body, it will give only +6/+6 even if it could give +10/+10. The available component bonus always depends on the loyalty of the pet.
From level 10 you can also mark a second component arrangement for the pet, by the help of the new "Wear" button. This will be used for combat purposes, while the Appearance button will define the looks for example at the pet beauty contest. If the happiness of the pet is decreasing, only half of the combat bonus is applied and if it becomes very low, they are not applied at all.


Pet research

If you reach a level in the pet adventures, a research button appears in the kennel. After you have it, you can research more pets. First the three pets you didn't chose at the beginning, but when you upgrade your kennel, new pets will be available.
Thee two reasons of researching and acquiring new pets are as follows: the pet components can be mixed, so you can make special and interesting new pets, which will attract the voters in the beauty contest. On the other hand, the higher level pet may have better components, giving more combat bonus.
After research, you can buy the pets for zen, however basically you may have only 3 different pets. However you can buy new pet places in the kennel for argum.
If you already acquired a pet, you can further develop it: you can research for more components (wings, body, ears, horns etc.). The number of available accessories depends on the level of the pet, so when it levels up, you can research the new components. You do not have to buy it separately: you will get it immediately after it is researched. Not all pets have every components, for example some are without wings or hats. The pet you chose first is equipped with all the possible components, you do not have to research any of these.



Here you can assign your pets to your employees. This button appears only when you reach this possibility in the pet related adventures.
Assignment is only useful when you pet is at least level 10. This is when your pet gives combat bonus to the particular employee (see at Dressing).



This button will be available when you reach this possibility of the pet related quests. You cannot simply discard your pets, because thrown into the sewers they may mutate, grow gigantic an later attack the city.
In a fusion, the soul of two little pets unites and from that moment they will exist in the same body together. To avoid misusage, you can fusion only a higher level pet into a lower level one.
If you are unable to make a fusion, it means that you chose the highest level pet, or the fusionable pets are participants of the beauty contest (little star symbol on their picture), or assigned to an employee (heart symbol).
During the fusion, the new pet absorbs 50% of the XP and loyalty points of the old one (90% if you spend argum).
You need the possibility of fusion only when you have the maximum number of pets and you do not want or cannot buy a new pet spot for argum, but would like to buy and try a new pet.
Important to notice, that when you mae a fusion of two automatically feeded pet, one of the feeding options will be lost.


  • no: It doesn't have this body part
  • -: It has this body part, but without bonus
Pet body head wings pillow tail symbol mouth eyes ears headdress horn tattoo
Turtly no no no no
Kitpuppy no no
Slothmoo K-def +1 - - - - - K-att +1 - - no - -
Owlsheep no
Bunlion no
Deermouse E-def +1 no Stun +1 no no
Puliteddy K-def +1 Life +1 no Stun +1 no E-att +1 no no no no
Dragoncat no no
Goaty no
Fluttermouse - - - - Stun +1 Hit through +1 E-att +1 Stun res +1 - - no Stun res +1
Rabdog no
Frognis Life +1 no Hit through +1 E-att +2 no E-def +2,
K-def -1
Catsyren no no
Griffswallow E-def +2 Life +2 Block +2 Stun +2 Hit through +2 K-att +2 E-att +1 Stun res ll +1 Critical +2 Stun res +2
Sandsphinx no no
Butterbear no no
Catephant E-def +2 Life +2 E-att +2
Easter bunny Life +1 E-def +1,
K-def +1
no Hit through +1 K-att +1 E-def +1,
K-def +1
Critical +1 no no Stun res +1

Loyalty points needed for loyalty levels

1. -
2. 50
3. 150
4. 300
5. 900
6. 1800
7. 3000
8. 5000
9. 10000
10. 20000
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