Yu can use your garden from level 7. Here, you can grow various vegetables. Each gives you specific resources when harvested. Salad gives research points, carrot zen, tomato energy, green pepper kredit. As you increase the level of your garden, you can buy more seeds. There will be ones which give other resources (commonium, hero points, argum etc), and ones which are upgrades of the common vegetables, producing more fruit.



This is very similar to the other shops in the game, but here you research and buy seeds for your garden. You need to research every seed only once. Afterwards, you can buy any amount, for zen. The higher level, better quality seeds are marked by a color code:

Level Color
level 1 white
level 2 green
level 3 turquoise
level 4 blue
level 5 purple
level 6 yellow
level 7 orange
level 8 pink
level 9 red

If you researched the stronger version of a seed, you can't buy anymore the weaker one.
Each plant has a favored weather, which you can see on the plant panel. If you plant this seed during this weather, it will bring 20% more fruit.
You can get seeds in other places, like your szövetség guild's agrarium, or your guild' shop.
You company can produce energy only from level 10. Until you reach 10, it might be wise to plant tomato in your garden!

You can find the list of seeds here.

My garden

You can plant up to 9 vegetables in your garden, using their seeds. Some plants have a limit to how much you can plant at once. This limit refers to all types of the same plant. For example, if you have a level 1 and a level 3 argum fruit, you can plant only one of them, since there is a limit of 1 to all argum plants in your garden.
Growth time for most plants is 8 hours, but there are exceptions, for example it's 18 hours for the argum fruit. Some skills and relics can decrease this time. When about 50% of this time has passed, it is worh raking your garden or it will bring 20% less fruit. Your friends can rake your garden as well.
At the end of this time, you can harvest your vegetables, and plant new ones. If you forget to harvest for a while, the plants might dry off. In this case, someone have to water them first. If a friend waters your garden, it's free for them, if you have to do it, it costs kredit.
On the bottom of the panel, by clicking on the head icon, you can visit the garden of your friends. If you rake or water a friend's garden, it increases your friendship level.
In the bottom left corner, you can harvest with one click, if you are a premium member.
You can buy for argum a weather forecast function. You have to buy it only once, and it will be yours permanently, showing the expected weather for the next hours, so you can optimize what to plant when.
There are skills and relics which increase the quantity you harvest.

Events (garden)

You can see all garden related events here



Boost is a minigame, where you chase away the moles trying to steal your harvest. The game has a normal and an advanced version, where you got more and faster moles. For completing the minigame successfully, you get bonus to your harvest for the next 36 hours, percentage equal to the level of your boost.
For completing the minigame, you get points, which increase the boost's level and your weekly ranking. Advanced mole hunts are harder, but award more points. The best ones get kredit and argum fruit seeds at the end of each week.
You can review the exact rewards by clicking on the rakings, on the rewards button. Premium players can use an automatic boost. If you choose this, you don't have to play, you get the bonus, and you get a minimum point and experience as well. Automatic boost counts towards "Hunt moles!" quests.
If the mole takes all apples, you can retry the minigame, but you get less points for your next attempt.

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