Mansion is the central building of your estate. You can research and construct the buildings of your estate here. When you click a building, the screen of the corresponding building will appear. Here you can find the research and construction costs and it has an individual help, where you can find the description of the building. Each building have a level. After level 1 you have to research each new levels and build them. Research costs research points, construction costs credits and both can be accelerated from argum or with the item named accelerator.
The first building is the mansion, this is represented separatedly from the other buildings in the top left corner. The level of the mansion cannot be higher than the level of the character: therefore when your level is increased, you can increase the mansion level, too. Mansion is a special building, it has only one function: this determines the maximum level of each other buildings. It means, that when the level of your character is 10, you can increase the level of the mansion up to level 10, and if you have done that, each other buildings can be advanced up to level 10, too. Actually it is hard to reach the maximum level for each building, because the research and construction costs and the necessary time is also significant. So it's good to choose which are the most important buildings for your strategy. Other buildings of the estate are as follows:


Workshop: You can develop your robot in the workshop. The level of your workshop affects only one thing: the robot abilities (hexes) can be developed up to this level. The maximum level of the robot is not affected.


Kennel: You keep and tend your pets here. As the level of the kennel is increasing, new pets will appear. The level of the kennel does not influence the level of your pets or the level of researchable food and toys.


Guest house: Guest house appears on your estate when your character reaches level 4. You can recruit, train and equip your fighting employees here. The level of the guest house determines the level of the researchable equipment in the shop of the guesthouse.


Fountain: Your employees can meditate here. Not all team members can meditate at the same time, one employee must always stay in the team. When you fight (arena, adventure, mutated pet, etc.) your employees meditating at the fountain do not participate in the battle. There is one exception, if you are the defensive player in the arena, and someone attacks you, then those team members who are currently meditating at the fountain will also fight. Your employees receive XP for meditating, the hourly value depends on the level of the fountain. Moreover, the number of the meditating employees is increasing with the level of the fountain.


Mine: The mine appears on your estate when you complete some adventures in the cave with your team of employees. Similar to the robot workshop, the level of the mine affects only one thing: the mine abilities (hexes) can be developed up to this level. The level of these abilities cannot exceed the level of the mine.


Garden: The garden appears on your estate when your character reaches level 7. The level of the garden determines the level of the researchable seeds in the garden shop. When you advance your garden, new seeds may appear.


Garage: The garage appears on your estate when your character reaches level 10. As you increase the level of your garage, new cars can be researched and bought here.

In the header of buildings, to the right of the building name you can often find a research or a credit icon. These show if the building is researchable or constructable. If you cannot see any icon, it means that you do not have enough credits or research points needed for that building or you are currently building / researching another building.


Cave: There is a special "building" on your estate, the cave. You can click it, when you already have employees and you reached the point in the story that you must visit the cave as the next the adventure. Cave has no levels, it cannot be developed, and it can't be seen from the mansion.

There are 3 more buttons on the mansion screen: Events, Friends and Spying. These functions can be reached directly with the buttons on the right side of the main screen, their description can be found at the corresponding parts (you can click the upper links, if you want to see them now).

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