The fountain is available from level 5. Your employees, who are not in your combat team, can meditate here and receive XP continuosly.

If you see a fist next to a character's portrait, he/she is in your combat team: one member always must stay in the team and can't meditate!

At start, only one employee can meditate at the fountain. But as you upgrade your fountain, there will be more space, and also the XP received hourly increases.

You can interrupt mediation at any time. You get the XP for the time spent meditating.

An employee can mediate for up to 24 hours. After that, you have to assign them again if you want to continue meditation.

You can use the "experience boost" button of your fountain. In this case the XP is doubled for the next 12 hours. This boost can be stacked to give a bonus for longer time.

Some relics increase the XP received at the fountain.

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