Your company

You can access the Company panel by clicking on the company icon on the bottom right. Although nothing is mandatory in the game, we strongly recommend developing a company, since it produces the four basic resources.

After clicking the Company icon, you have to name your company first. But if you have completed the tutorial, you did that already there. You can't change the name of your company later, only it's icon.

The company has different credit producing building, depending on your profession. For example, the doctor will build pharmacies, hospitals etc. The other 3 resource producing building is identical for all professions.

Research, building

You have to research building first, then you can build them by spending credit. Research and building takes time, which can be accelerated with argum or the item accelerator. Also, some skills and relics can reduce the building time.
For building a building, your company gets experience points (you can click on the building to see how much). The latest building gives the most experience. When your company level exceeds your character level, you get less XP for your buildings. If the difference is, you get a 0,9x multiplier, if 2, a 0.8x. etc. So unlike other buildings, your company's level can exceed your level, just it gets harder to develop afterwards.

Eventually, you will be able to upgrade your buildings. Upgrade level is marked by a color code here as well:

Level Color
level 1 white
level 2 green
level 3 turquoise
level 4 blue
level 5 purple
level 6 yellow
level 7 orange
level 8 pink
level 9 red

You can unpgrade your first buildins only to green, but the later ones further and further. If you upgrade an existing building, you ugrade all of those at the same time. The building time is the difference of the previous and current levels, multiplied by the number of buildings. XP is calculated the same way, but multiplied by 0.9 at the end.

You can buy up to 2 building queues (1) for argum. These let you put 1 or 2 buildings in queue. Their building will start automatically when the previous one is done.

You can see the maximum number of company buildings you can have in the upper left corner. This number depends on your company level (5x that), but some items and relics can increase this. If the number of your buildings reach this number, you can still sell one or more of your existing buildings (click on the building, then the $ icon). You get back half of the credit cost. WARNING! If you sold the last one of a given building, you can't sell any more buildings for 12 hours!

Attention You can have only 8 different buildings at a time.

Buildings menu

If your company levels up, the new buildings will show up here. If you turn off the filtering of obsolete buildings, those which you sold completely will also show.


Hourly production

You can see here how much is produced of each resources by your company hourly.

Production is modified by the following:
- a character profession (+5% to the corresponding resource)
- skill (each skill level gives +1%. Employees can give a bonus to your skill, and it can decrease if your happiness is low).
- guild buildings (the corresponding guild building gives +1% bonus per level).
- specific items and relics can give bonus as well

You company has a maximum storage capacity for your resources. This is equivalent to 24 hours production. If you are a premium member 20% more. If a resource reaches maximum capacity (the number in the upper right corner turns green), your company stops producing that resource. If you get that resource some other way (for example, buy in the shop or get it as a reward), you will still get it and it can go past the maximum, it will not get lost.

Warning! Some things in the game has a dynamically changing resource cost. For example, it can depend on your character's level, or your resource maximum. For example, a game can award you credits equal to your 2 hourly production, or an action might cost zen equal to 6 hours production.


You can review here the production ranking for other players, and check what's your ranking, for each resources.

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