You can find ingame friends easily: just click on the name of a player in the chat, then press the "Request friend" button. If he didn't write anything, but you know his name, you can find him by Spying and make your friend request there.


You can take a look at your friends' data sheet any time and you can also visit their estate by clicking the green arrow on the top left corner of their portrait. If you visit the estate, you can enter the buildings and have a look at a lot of things, but not everything - for example you can't see the employees' equipment. The performance distribution of the robots is also shown only when spying.


There is a level to your friendship: friendship level increases when you send presents to each other, help the other in adventures, rake or water your friend's garden. Friendship level can be seen in the golden heart icon.


You can send a present to your friend by clicking the gift parcel next to the name. You can send 5 presents (premium members 10) every day. The beneficiary person receives zen, but if your friendship level is at least 5 then he also receives research points and if your friendship level is at least 10 and the sender is a premium member, then loyalty points, too. And the popularity of the beneficiary is also increasing. The extent of growth depends on the relation of your popularities: if a less popular character sends a present to a highly popular one, his popularity will not go up too much.

You can get the presents on the daily rewards screen at the time of your first daily login. You can see the senders in the chat (but you can find it at the Event screen even later, if you use the personal events filter).

At the same place, in the upper left corner you can find a "Request" button. You can see here those who marked you as a friend. You can accept or reject them here. The friendship can be ended, but in this case your friendship level will turn to 0!

If a friend is online, then you can send him or her a private chat message by the help of the blue send message icon. You can also send private messages to a player by clicking his or her name in the chat window.

You have the possibility to make a ban list of players. The banned players cannot send you messages and their texts will not be displayed in your chat window. You can never ban a friend: first you must terminate the friendship!

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