When you use spying, you can take a look at the data of another players. You can open the spying screen by clicking on the right side spying icon, or an eye icon of the opponent in the arena. If you use spying in the arena, the name of the player is automatically filled in, but if you use the spying screen, you can write a player's name or chose from the name list of the recently probed players.

Spying costs research points and you can use it 1x every 10 minutes. When you use spying, you will see the data sheet of the other player as a friends' sheet, however the performance distribution of his robot is also shown, which may be a useful information before a battle.


By the help of the green arrow at the upper left corner of the portrait you can visit the estate of the player, or with the right hand green plus button you can mark him as a friend if you have not been friends yet.

You can also use spying on friends, but it only makes sense in case you want to know the performance distribution of his/her robot.
On the spying panel the other player's name is red if he used spying on you.

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