The character screen comes up when you click on your portrait on the top left corner.



You can see the specifics of your character here.


Level, experience points. You can get experience points by completing daily quests (right hand daily routines button, task tab or quest button). When your character levels up, new possibilities may open and you can advance the level of your mansion too (mansion building in the middle of the screen). When the level of the mansion increases, you can level up your other buildings, too and each building may give you new possibilities.


Health. Your health is mainly affected by the activities of your character (see under Schedule). If you excercise and sleep well your health will increase, if you overwork, it will decrease. If it drops significantly, you may fall ill and in this case only rest and antibiotics can help.


Fame. You receive fame for significant actions. For example levelling up your company, completing all daily quests, first place in a weekly top list, winning the car race, etc. Fame does not affect the advancement of your character, however there is a top list for it, too.


Happyness. Your happiness value falls down every day, however you can compensate this decline with the help of your Schedule. Moreover successful activities help you being happier, for example the first pet getting happy (80%+), the first victory in the robot arena every day, tending the garden of a friend, but your happiness may also drop for example if you do not sign in for days. If your happiness is really low, you can easily increase it by spending a nice amount of zen, just click on the green plus sign next to happiness.
It can be increased under 60 from zen, up to 60.

Actions increasing happiness:
+1 Help in the garden (1x daily)
+1 Victory in the robot arena (1x daily)
+1 Complete an adventure (1x daily)
+1 80+ happiness of a pet (1x daily)
+1 Victory in the city arena (1x daily)
+X (up to 60) Reset happiness (from zen)

Schedule activities increasing happiness:
Work time
+2 excercise (can be selected only 1x)
+3 cofee (can be selected only 1x)

Rest time
+5 night party (can be selected only 1x)

Leisure time
+3 dance class (can be selected only 1x)
+3 afternoon tea (can be selected only 1x)
+5 watching TV
+1 massage
+8 drinking with buddies


Luck. This ability counteracts misfortune and bad luck. If you roll low amounts with the dice in adventures, lose at the stock market, only terrible employees apply for your company, week lodes are found in your mine, your luck will increase, so you will have better chances next time. However if you roll really nice values, you will "use up your karma" and luck will decrease. Luck can also be increased by schedule activities, like gambling or poker.


Popularity. Your popularity increases, when you receive gifts from your friends. Popularity does not affect the advancement of your character, however there is a top list for it, too.


You can change your appearance and clothing here. There are some rational rules for dressing, e.g. you can choose a necktie only with a shirt, you can ask patterns for blank t-shirts only, you cannot wear an extra skirt with a party dress, etc.
You need credits to buy clothes. If a dress has more than one color variation, you buy only the chosen colored one. At character creation you do not have to pay for clothes, however you can choose only cheaper ones. Later you must pay credits for new clothes.
You can also change your face, but it is free only at the first 5 levels, later it costs argum.
Your appearance is important at the beauty contest: if you are prettier/more handsome, more people will vote on you.



Your character can learn new skills after reaching definite levels. Only one skill of the 3 available can be active at each level. When you level up and get a new skill, you can decide which will be the active one. The active skill can be modified later, once in a day freely.
Skills can be developed from skill points. You can get skill points a lot of different ways: robot battles, completing adventures, in the garden, fighting the mutated pet, at the pet building contest, etc. Each skills are useful, so consider well, which one you activate at a level. Moreover, you may also need the skills in the adventure tests, however fortunately inactive skills are also counted there.
Your skills may temporarily decrease if you are not happy enough. In this case the extent of decrease is signed by a red negative number next to the skill level.



Here you can set the activities your character will do during work, rest and free time. The number of chosable activities is increasing when you level up.
You can set 8-8 hours of work, rest and leisure. Some activities increase a given skill (only active ones you already have), others change the characteristics (health, happiness etc.) of your character. You must find the balance, when your happiness and health does not fall to quickly and your character still advances well.
After setting the activities, you can see the results of your schedule. After setting all the 3x8 hours, the finalize button will appear.
Next day you will get the set bonuses at first login, but you can change your schedule immediately. Fortunately you do not have to set the schedules every day. If you were satisfied with the earlier schedule, you can just click the finalize button, or you can decide to change a couple of things.
If you fall sick, or there is no active skill to excercise, you need a new setting for sure. In case of an illness, it is recomended to use health increasing settings.


  • Erőforrás menedzsment - 2. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • Munkahelyi torna: +2 boldogság, +2 egészség (csak 1x választható)
  • Megfeszített munka: fél órányi kredit termelés, -1 egészség
  • találkozó az alkalmazottakkal: 5. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • kutatás és fejlesztés: 6. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • kutatás: fél órányi kutatáspont termelés
  • bányalátogatás: 14. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • katonai kiképzés: 16. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • önvédelmi kiképzés: 22. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • munkahelyi kávé: +3 boldogság, -1 egészség, 40 percnyi energia (csak 1x választható)
  • argumszintetizálás: +1 kiégett argum (csak 1x választható)


  • alvás (8 óra): +3 egészség (csak 1x választható)
  • alvás (6 óra): -5 egészség (csak 1x választható)
  • alvás (4 óra): -20 egészség (csak 1x választható)
  • olvasás: szint/2 szakértelempont
  • éjszakai buli: +1 hírnév, +5boldogság
  • éjszakai munka: 2% kredit, 30 perc energia, 2% perc kutatáspont
  • meditáció: 10. szintű aktív szakértelem növelése 20%-al (prémiumként 25%)
  • póker: +5 szerencse, 2% kredit

Karakter bolt

A karakter boltban levő tételek argumért vásárolhatóak meg, de korántsem korlátlan mértékben. Egy kategóriából 1 nap csak 1 féle tételt vehetsz meg, de ha egy lehetőséget elszalasztasz, akkor max. 10-ig halmozódnak az elszalasztott vásárlási lehetőségek.


Medál Név Képesség Hol szerezhető?
argumMedal.png Argum medál Növeli a lehetséges barátaid számát (+1). A Beholder találkozón történő befizetéssel lehet szerezni.
goldHoloMedal.png silverHoloMedal.png bronzeHoloMedal.png Arany/ezüst/bronz holomedál - A Holoszimulátor eseményben elért helyezésért jár.
easterMedal.png Húsvéti medál - A húsvéti kalandsorozat végén jár.
supporterMedal.png Támogatói medál Minden nap az első belépéskor kapsz annyi plusz hőspontot a hűségbónuszban, amennyi támogatói medálod van. Legalább 2100 forintnyi argum megvételekor jár.
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