Beauty contest

There are two kind of beauty contests in the game: cutest pet, and character. Beauty contest can be seen by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the main screen. Both contests last for 1 week and the announcement of results is always at the end of the week, on Sundays at midnight. You always enter the next week contest.

Rules are easy: each players have 10 votes daily. You can always choose between two possibilities and the program assures, that each contestants are shown with the same chances. Those who get the most votes, will appear at the top of the rankings.

Cutest pet contest

You can enter your favourite pets into the contest here. Try to make it the most exotic and interesting, but still cute. When you dress the pet, you can mix different kind of pet components to reach a more special effect! It's important to make your pet happy, because unhappy pets are grayer in the contest, therefore may get less votes.
For argum you can enter additional pets to have a better chance to win.

When you gave your 10 votes, you will receive flavours. You will also get rewards for entering the contest ans certainly for being in the top 10, too. You can collect your rewards on Mondays, at the first login at the daily rewards page.

Place Reward
7 5 vitamins
37 1 vitamins, 5 flavours
61-132. 5 flavours
? -

Rankings at the Cutest pet contest always show the rankings of two weeks earlier!

Character beauty contest

You can enter this contest with your character. It's good idea to make it the prettiest/most handsome! Men can vote women, women can vote man. You can also have more entrance, if you change your appearance in the meantime. For making your 10 votes daily, you get zen as a reward.

Rankings Rewards
1 5 accelerators, 125 loyalty points
2 4 accelerators, 100 loyalty points
5 2 accelerators, 50 loyalty points
7-9 1 accelerators, 40 loyalty points
20 loyalty points
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