Mini-games are a totally optional part of Argum City. You can reach this screen by clicking the pet with a ball icon at the bottom of the screen or through the same ikon at the kennel. The primary goal of playing the games is increasing the happiness of your pets: tha happiness of each pets is increased by 10% for each turn of games. Moreover you also may receive skill points, zen, pet toys and gold ducat for the first game of a day.

If you do not want to play mini-games, you can increase the happiness of your pets buy buying and giving toys for them.

Each mini-game has a level, which is increasing when you play them. Beware, games can be a little harder at higher levels! When the level of a mini-game reaches 10, you may decide to take the rewards with a click without playing it! The amount of acquired zen and skill points depends on your level and the total level of all mini-games.
There is a bar at the bottom of the screen which shows the global level of mini-games. It also increases when you play. If it levels up, another mini-game may appear on your panel.

You have 4 possibility to play mini-games each day and you can play the same game twice. Naturally you can play more, however in this case you do not get more rewards. You can buy 2 extra possibilities for Argum once a day.

Important notice! If you refresh or close your browser while playing, or even if you just close the window with the red X, it is counted as a surrender, you cannot continue the game later! If you see a red padlock sign on the games, it means that you did not finish a game. Look for the game without the padlock icon and finish playing it first.


Jewel hunt
You must collect at least 3 gems of the same colour into a line or column, by exchanging two gems. In case you collect more than 3 gems, you will get more points, as well as when you collect more than one formations at the same exchange. You must collect the given points by using the predetermined number of steps.


Memory game
You can turn 2 cards at the same time. You must find each pairs in the predetermined number of turns.


Night commando
You must shoot the evil aliens before they shoot you. You will also lose life if you kill innocent civilians!


The classic solitaire game. You may place the cards in decreasing order red and black consecutively. You can place any columns to the empty spaces. You can flip the cards of the talon and you can also bring back the cards of the ready stacks into game if you need them. Sometimes you may not have more valid moves and still cannot solve the game. If you flip through the whole talon without picking any card twice, a retry button appears and if you click it, you can play the game again from the beginning without penalty.


Your firemen must catch the pets jumping out of the flaming house. You can move them with the two big yellow panels or the keyboard arrows alternatively.


Alien invasion
You can hunt the little attacking UFOs with your battle mechs. Tap the robot to shoot, or on your PC you can also push the 1, 2 and 3 buttons. Beware, you have a limited amount of ammunition to use!


Conveyor belt
In this game you can pick the mineral at the end of the line and move it to another place on the conveyor belt. If you put 3 minerals of the same type together, they will leave the line. The goal is to prevent the minerals dropping off the production line. This game is mainly optimized for PC.

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