Pet building contest

Pet building contest can be reached by clicking the pet part icon at the bottom of the screen. It is not active continuously, only at certain times - a marker shows if it is active.

If there is a waiting player when you enter, you will play with him or her, if no one is active, you play against a computer generated opponent (after 30 seconds of waiting.)
You must create the exact copy of the pet on the left hand picture from the available parts. Beware, there are parts similar but not exactly the same and every tiny detail is important here. After playing, the level of the pet building game will increase. This level specifies the number of flavours you get at the end of game and if the level is high enough, you can even acquire the reward without playing.
If you win, you will get ranking points according to your time (the maximum is 120 points which decreases with the time spent). The loser gets 0 points.
New players (and those with a low ranking at the previous week) receive bonus points.

As a reward, you can get skill points and flavours. You have 5 games to play a day. You receive the most skill points for the first game, s little bit less for the second, etc., so if you have no time to play five times, it's not a great loss. The amount of the other reward, flavour depends on the game level. The loser receives half as much flavour as the winner, the amount of skill points is the same for both players.

You also get points for the pet building game (more points for a faster victory) and players are ranked according to this. We have a ranking announcement once a week according to the total points. Rewards can be taken on Mondays together with the other daily rewards.

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