You can manage your self-made battle robot. You get your robot in the tutorial phase, you can give it a name and its basic accessories, however if you skipped tutorial, you can acquire it when you click your workshop the first time.



This shop is similar to others, where you can research and buy equipment for your robots. Items may cost credits and commonium or other minerals. Robot minerals can be acquired mostly as rewards in the weekly championship and the daily challenge of the robot arena or you can have them by planting radishes in your garden and you can also buy them in the character shop and the auction.
There are some special, rare robot eqipment, too. The name of the common robot equipment is green, however these rare items shown in blue. To buy these you need argarium instead of commonium and some argum, too. Argarium can be also acquired in the weekly championship (you have 20% chance to receive it instead of commonium, when you win in a battle), or you can exchange 5 commonium to an argarium. But you can never exchange it the other way
Purple and orange robot equipment are also available. To get these, you need raritium and epicorium. You can get raritium by exchanging 5 argarium or in the robot challenge, when you hit your level limit. Epicorium can be exchanged from 5 raritium
In the shop you can find a filter, which filters out the obsolete items. It's reasonable to keep it on at a higher level, or too much item will be shown. The filter doesn't display the items, which are lower level than those, your robot wears.


Equip (Robot)

Here you can install the equipment to your robot. The robot has 3 main parts: head, body and arm. You can install 1-1 arm and armour to each. Later models will also have 1 or 2 miscellaneous slots, where you can insert special equipment. The basic ability for weapons is damage, for shields is defense - which decreases the damage. There are some other abilities, like stun, critical, block etc., which can be found on special equipment. The miscellaneous items has a unique effect, which you can find in the description of the item.
If you click on an item in your list, you can see the difference highlighted next to the original value: it is green if the item increases the value and red if the value is decreased. Items can be installed by double clicking them.
Under the picture you can see a number after the letters CR, the Combat Rating of the robot. This number represents the power of the whole equipment and helps you to compare your robot to others'.
When you reach a certain points in your adventures, you can also sell obsolete robot equipment here. You will not get the credit cost back, only a part of the minerals.

Important notice! You can use only 1 mytocontainer at the miscellaneous slots, its effect does not added. When you buy a new, more advanced mytocontainer, you will exchange the old one.



You can change the name of the robot by clicking on it. Under the picture you can see the level and the experience bar. The robot receives experience points for fighting in the arena. The level is not affected by the level of the workshop, but each robot has an own level limit.
After a point in the robot adventures you can also use the right side hexes of robot abilities and you can also set the capacity in the bottom left corner.

Robot abilities
The six robot abilities are applied to each of the three body parts. They are as follows:

* attack (increases the weapon damage, but it is not multiplied by the capacity)
* defense (increases the defense of the armor, but it is not multiplied by the capacity)
* armor (increases the amount of damage a body part can endure)
* critical (increase the chance of critical damage, e.g. a higher amount of damage than usual)
* block (increases the chance, that shields can absorb more damage than usual)

Robot abilities can be increased from energy. The cost of the 3-4. highest level abilities is doubled, the cost of the 5-6. highest level is four times as much as the cost of the first two abilities. It will be rather expensive on high levels, so you must choose favoured abilities, or you must produce a significant amount of extra energy.
The level of robot abilities cannot exceed the level of your workshop! The level of your workshop can be increased in the mansion.

Robot capacity
You can distribute the capacity of your robot according to your wishes. You must set at least a capacity of 1 to each body parts. The damage and defense of the robot is multiplied by the capacity, so if for example the damage of the robot is 10, by setting the capacity to 4, the basic damage will 40. The robot abilities are not multiplied by the capacity.

Robot level limit
The development of the robots is not affected by the level of the workshop, but there is a level limit (which is 50 at the start of the game). When your robot reaches this limit, it cannot advance mor levels, however it will get raritium in the arena instead of commonium and argarium, which can be used for buying extra-powerful purple equipment. The robot level limit will prevent more development only for a given time, it will be removed later. If a specific number of players will reach the level limit, it will decrease the waiting time.
After level 50 there will be another level limit at level 80 and some more later on.



When your robot levels up, at some levels you can research then buy a new model. A new model can be better in three ways than the previous one: its armour may be better (1-1 body parts can endure more damage), it may have a bigger capacity or it may have a miscellaneous slot
The currently used robot is marked with a coloured background and frame. If you change model, the robot name, all equipment and abilities will stay the same. Models can be freely changed at any time, without cost but it is usually better to use the strongest one.

Name Level Capacity Armor (HP) Miscellaneous Credits Argum
sentry 1 5 40 0 0
scout 3 6 72 0 0
hunter 6 7 126 0 0
soldier 8 7 154 1 0
warrior 10 8 208 1 0
Brutus 12 9 264 2 4575 30
knight 14 8 272 1 0
chopper 16 9 342 2 0
Dozer 18 10 415 2 30
stomper 20 10 460 2 0
executioner 23 10 520 2 0
Hammer 24 11 594 2 34800 30
gladiator 26 11 638 2 0
crusher 28 11 682 2 0
Matador 29 12 774 2 30
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