Robot arena

Your robot built in the Workshop can fight in the robot arena. At the beginning you have two possibilities to use: the challenge and the weekly championship. In the challenge you have to overcome stronger and stronger computer opponents, in the weekly championship you duel other players. We are telling the course of battle as follows:


Robot combat

Robots shoot each other in a randomly determined fight order. The head always target the head, the body targets the body and the arm targets the arm. The weapon damage of the given body weapon is multiplied by the capacity of that body part. There is also a random spread in the damage, moreover the damage/defense of the body part can be modified by items, skills or robot abilities. The damage can also be increased or decreased by the critical hit and the blocking. Some effects can totally clear the damage, on the other hand a robot can also drop out of shooting, when it is stunned.
The capacity setup of an opposing robot can be seen in battle, it is indicated as a multiplier behind the body part armor bar.

When a robot body part is destroyed (its armor value falls down to 0), the body part which shooted it, will not target another body part.
The battle is over when two body parts of a robot is destroyed.

Robot combat is automatic, there is no possibility to any modification, after it started. Premium players can make it faster clicking the Accelerate button at the top of the screen.
You do not have to repair your robot after battle, it is done automatically.



During challenge, you are going up towards the top of the ranking system by winning over stronger and stronger computer opponents. The key of victory is to monitor the capacity of the opponent and change your setup according to this. At similar power this is the key to victory. For example you can overcome a 4-4-1 capacity robot with a 6-1-2 capacity setting.

In some of the challenges the opponents vary their capacity randomly. The 3 numbers never change though, only their order!

You have 5 tries every day. You will get a daily reward depending on the number of defeated opponents: this is commonium és argarium, which you receive on this page or at the first login on the daily rewards screen. So for example if you defeated the first 5 opponents, you will receive 4 commonium and 1 argarium each day, even if you bever fight again in the challenge.

You can attack a previously robot again, if you want, but your robot will not get any more experience for this battle.


Robot weekly championship

You can fight other robots in the weekly championship. Your points always start at 90 at the beginning of the week. If you defeat an opponent with the same or smaller point value than yours, you will receive 1 point, if you defeat someone with more points, you will get 2 points. If you attack and lose, your points are not decreasing. If you are attacked and win, you will not get points, but if you lose, 1 point is deducted from your sum.

You have 10 attack options each day (shown in the top right corner). Your robot will also get experience points for these attacks, so it can level up by attacking. You can also buy an extra 5 tries for argum each day, but you will not get XP for these battles, however you can increase your points this way.
You can refresh the page for energy. Using this option, if your opponents are chosen from a wider pool, you can receive new opponents. Until your points are under 100, the two opponents under you are usually computer generated and you can easily overcome them.

You can see an eye icon on the robot screen. This directly takes you to the spying panel. If you spy on a character (for research points), you can find out the capacity settings of his or her robot. Neturally it is also known, when you attack that robot.

Clicking the history button you can see your last attackers and at the rewards you can display the available rewards for the given ranking place at the beginning of next week.
The announcement of results is midnight on Sundays. At the same time the point values are resetting to 90 again. The rewards are available here at the rewards button or when logging in the daily rewards screen pops up.

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