City hall

You can enter the guild screen by clicking the guild icon. If you are not a member of a guild yet, you have two possibilities: you can found a new guild (city) for 5000 credits or you apply for admission into an existing guild. You can try to get the admission into more than one guild at the same time until one of them accepts you. According to their setup, the guilds can automatically admit appliers or the members vote about the new admissions. If you found a new guild, you receive 5 contribution points and the appropriate rank immediately, so you will have 1 vote.

As a guild you can construct buildings for bonuses, you can overcome dimension gate monsters for treasures and you can participate in wars. Each guild has a private chat - you can change to that by clicking the chat manu in the bottom left corner.

City hall

A guild has only 1 basic building, the city hall, all the others must be built. On the city hall panel you can donate credits, research points and argum. For donating 1000 credits or research points, or 1 argum you will receive 1 contribution points. You can spend the contribution points in the guild shop, and you must pay for some services with that.

Important! The maximum of storable donations is determined by the level of the bank. If it is at the maximum, you can't donate until you spend at leas a part of the credits.

The mayor of the guild is always the player with the most votes, in case of equality, the highest ranked player of the guild (the rank depends on donations). If the city has enough members, 1-3 vice mayors (or assistants) are appointed among the players with the next most votes.

The rank of the members depends on their contribution. To the left, above the donations you can see your rank, which increases when you give a donation. As your rank becomes higher, you will have more and more votes and you can use higher levels of the buildings.

At the top of the screen you can see the Power and the Fame of the city. For Power each building level gives 20 points and each character level 1 points. Fame is the sum of the member fame.

To the right you can see the message board, where the mayor and the assistants can announce important information for the members.

Leave city: If you leave a guild, you do not suffer any handicaps: your contribution points etc. remain the same, only your guild rank is decreasing one level..

On the top right corner you can see the forum button. Each guild has an own forum in the Argum City forum!

Citizens tab
Here you can find the list of membeirs, their rank, donation, votes and time of last activity. If you click on their names, you can give them a part of your votes or reclaim those given; you can suggest the kick out of a member, you can visit the members' estate and if they are online, you can send them messages.

Buildings tab
The mayor or vice mayor can start building here.

Important notice: The level of a building can not exceed the level of the city hall. Only one building can be under construction at a time and the work can be accelerated from the research points or the argum of the city. The necessary credit is deducted from the donations.

You can see the active and closed voting here. At the beginning of the game votes are only for acceptance and kicking out of members. At the settings you can set if a new member is automatically admitted or only after voting.

The events of the city can be seen here. You can also see them at your own personal events if you use the guild filter.

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